1. Children are entitled to a nursery place the term after their 3rd birthday( this may be part time and also if there is room in the
school.) However, pupils who reside within the catchment area no longer have an automatic right to attend that school unless a written application is made. Arrangements for this normally take place in the Autumn Term the year before the child is due to start/move school.

2. We welcome pupils from outside the catchment area if we have room and if a written application has been made.
3. There is a link-up group at the school which pupils and parents can attend one term prior to the term the child is admitted to school. Parents will be sent an invitation to attend the link-up group at the appropriate time and details of our whole induction process for parents and children.
4. Pupils are admitted to the KS2 department of the school from our feeder infant schools/department at seven years of age. There is good liaison between the schools and the children will make a number of visits to Darran Park the term prior to their transfer. The same procedure applies of making a written application to state your preference.
5. A written application also has to be made when children reach statutory school age (5 years old). The school will send forms out. Details of the LEA admissions policy are available in the Starting School Booklet and also on RCT website. Please contact the school for more information.